Perfecto Connect allows you to test Mobile and Web apps that are in your private network and therefore not publicly accessible, for example because they are hosted on your local development network or a backend server.

With Perfecto Connect, you can establish a secure tunnel to allow Perfecto services access to these non-public apps. The secure tunnel is based on SSH and allows a direct connection from Perfecto services, devices, and tools to your local environment without additional requirements, such as a VPN connection. The benefit is an end-to-end automation and integration flow of the Perfecto devices lab to your own backend development environment.

Perfecto Connect works without the need to install anything. You only need to download and execute the client application to establish a dedicated tunnel to Perfecto. You can then select devices in the automation script, associate them with the relevant tunnel, and run tests on the applications that reside in the secure zone of the development network.

Perfecto Connect supports:

Session flow

Here is the flow of a typical Perfecto Connect session:

  1. Download the client.
  2. Start a session by creating a tunnel.
  3. Associate a device.
  4. Close the session.

The following video provides a short overview.

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