Learn about reservations in manual testing, visual analysis enhancements, testing on foldable phones, new supported devices, and platform and browser support updates.

APKS files

Perfecto has added support for Android builds with APKS files (file extension .apks). An APKS file is an APK set archive generated by bundletool, a utility used for creating and managing Android App Bundles (.aab files). Now, you can use APKS files for automation testing with Perfecto by installing the APKS file directly on a Perfecto device.

Running an APKS file with Perfecto does not require any certificates.

Reservations in the Manual Testing view

It is now possible to reserve a mobile device directly from the MY DEVICES tab in the Manual Testing view. In clouds that require a reservation to open a device, clicking the calendar button to the right of the OPEN option expands the Reservation panel on the right, where you can specify the time frame and click CREATE & OPEN for an ad-hoc reservation. 

This feature will be exposed over the next week. It is made available only to organizations that do not allow opening devices without a reservation.

Visual Analysis enhancements

The Text Analysis and Image Analysis options now include the following enhancements:

App testing on foldable smartphones

As foldable smartphones are ringing in the future, Perfecto has added support for manual testing on Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold as well as basic automation and accessibility testing.

App testing on foldable phones requires familiarity with a whole array of new terms and features, such as split views, freeform windows, and multi-resume functionality. To ensure that apps run seamlessly when unfolded, you need to test across different attributes, taking into account various resolutions, new screen ratios, and size changes. Here are some key points to consider:

On top of this, you need to perform extensive accessibility testing to meet all relevant legal requirements. To aid you along the way, we present two methods of accessibility testing on foldable smartphones in our latest blog post.

Google Pixel 4A

The new Google Pixel 4A device is now supported and available in the Perfecto cloud.

Appium 1.18

Support for Appium 1.18 is now available for virtual devices and Android devices. Support for Appium 1.18 is available upon request for all devices. If you are interested in upgrading to Appium 1.18, contact Perfecto Support.

iPhone 12 pre-orders

With the launch date of the new iPhone 12 only days away, Perfecto is preparing for pre-orders. If you are interested in adding iPhone 12 to your Perfecto cloud, contact Perfecto Support or your Perfecto Account Manager.

New platform versions

The following new platforms are now supported:


New browser versions

Support for the following new browser versions is now available:

In addition, Edge versions 81 and later are now supported for automation testing in clouds with the new architecture.